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  • $ 450

These are bezels for the DNA75 with included screws to mount the board to the bezel.

These  bezels are designed to be epoxied to the enclosure or you may get longer 0-80 screws and mount through the enclosure if it is drilled. 

All of our sleds are printed using ABS (think Lego) only, as PLA filaments have a much lower melting point and can become a hazard in high temp situations. Our sleds have been tested from -22c and thrown against a wall repeatedly to see if they would break. They didn't! They withstood a 200lb man standing on them for a few seconds before they finally started to break.

Our products speak for themselves and if you need more proof please see our feedback on eBay and here on our website.

As far as the translucent filaments, please understand that the infill in the sled will make the sled semi-transparent. This is due to the very nature of how 3D printing works.

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