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AlpineTech G+ Enclosure

  • $ 1595

Recessed magnet holes inside the lid for 1/4" x 1/8" Disc Magnets.

Magnets are not included with the enclosure.

Magnets can be purchased in the DIY section.

Slightly bigger than the popular Hammond 1590G but still fits comfortably in your hand.

3mm Taller, 2mm Wider and 2mm Deeper than standard Hammond 1590G

Precision milled from 6061 grade aluminum block.

Bigger inner space for easier installation.

Square on all sides, NO LEAN!!!

Material: Billet 6061 Aluminum

Color: Anodized Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple.

Inner dimensions: 99.2mm x 48.2mm x 23mm

Outside dimensions: 103mm x 52mm x 27mm

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