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About Us

BRIMSTONE, believe it or not, is a love story.  So perhaps we should start the story at its very beginning:
         Once upon a time, there was a kind young father with an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.  He once owned an automotive shop, worked as a fireman, and drove big rigs.  He was a blue collar man, working his hands raw to provide for his small son. 
With the help of fate (and the internet), he met the right girl.  A girl with two small boys of her own and a heart with room for more.  And eyes that melted the man like fire to wax.
The first day they met, two of the children turned the man into a dragon, and the girl into their princess.  The two boys, not yet brothers, fought the dragon side by side.  It was then the princess knew she would fall in-love with this dragon, who put their knights before all else and worked so tirelessly in everything.  The dragon and princess soon fell in-love, married and added another Knight to their kingdom.
When beginning Brimstone, it only seemed right to return to our love story and draw inspiration from it.  So the Brimstone dungeon was born. 
We are a husband and wife team and we love what we do.  Our hearts are entwined with our company and thus deeply connected to helping our customers succeed.
If you call us, you’re calling the owners directly.  When you talk to us, you’re likely talking to both of us (please excuse the background noise, it’s either the printers or the children). 
We are committed to being the best at what we do, and what we do is so much more than only 3D printing.