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Welcome to the Dungeon!

Posted by Lianna Smart on

In this Part 1 of our interview with Brimstone Owner, Brandon Smart, we sit down to talk about his entrance into the vaping industry and the forming of Brimstone.

   Let's dive right in.  How’d you get started?

Really it started long before 3D printing or vaping… It’s all my Grandma’s fault.  

When I was about 8, she brought home a Tandy 1000 computer and gave it to me. I guess I’d been taking apart and reassembling gadgets for a long time, no toaster was safe! 

Her gift was more than an outdated monitor and tower, it fueled a drive in me to understand how and why things worked.

    How did that curious nature translate into the vape industry? 

I started vaping, like many of us, to quit smoking.  It’s been over 6 years since I quit smoking.  When I started vaping, I was using 901 atomizer and 600 mah pen battery.  I’d make a weekly trip to the relatively local vape shop to repair or replace my current set up.  That got old!

I moved onto an Evic and then an Altoid tin mod, which broke within the first week.  I treated it like an old toaster and pulled it apart.  As soon as I lifted the lid, I knew I could do better.  So, I built my own.  Then I built another and a couple more.  I researched and designed and took my time to build the type of quality I’d demand from a top notch builder. 

I started to get interest from fellow modders.  By this time local shops started to pop up and took an interest too.  So, with my wife’s support, I decided I’d try to make a business out of what started as a hobby.  She's been in the dungeon with me the whole time. 

How did that move you into 3D printing?

It seems like a natural progression to me.  I was spending hours building with these Keystone sleds that I’d heavily modify.  I also sent at the least an arm and a leg to Shapeways for prints that were only sort of what I wanted.  

I tried out a few independent 3D print sellers and the quality of work never made it into any of my builds.  I'm told I’m a perfectionist.   

So here again I get this itch in the back of my head saying, “you can do this better.”  If it itches, scratch it, right?!  

  Moving into more about Brimstone, what is driving your company?

Our company philosophy is to provide our customers with a relationship that has the benefit of giving them the highest quality of products.  This isn’t our hobby, or just a digital store.  For us, this is part of our family.  We are opening our arms to embrace our builders and keep them returning to us.

But don’t let the “R” word scare you…we’re not going to ask to meet your mom or get mad when you forget an anniversary. 

We're more like (dragon) friends with benefits.

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